Core Curriculum

At the core of the curriculum in the NDNSP is our Core Curriculum.
The aims and objectives and the content are laid out class by class on
this page but the Core Curriculum is much more than this. It is at the
heart of everything the NDNSP stands for.

It is fundamental to the educational principles of the school and
permeates every subject area and every social interaction. Given this
wide context, it is not surprising that delivery of the Core Curriculum
is a multi-layered process. 
Topics are planned and presented as
part of a scheme of work but on top of this are issues that arise daily.
These often need to be dealt with immediately and will bring work in
the Core Curriculum are into a class in any subject. A follow-up
programme may be necessary and this may take precedence over other
planned work.

This is the strength of the Core Curriculum. It is a vibrant and
living part of the school and it contains within it the flexibility to
respond to situations as they arise whilst providing for a planned and
structured approach.

Aims and Objectives of our Core Curriculum:

  • To give children an understanding of social, ethical and moral
    standards in the areas of honesty,   respect, justice, integrity, trust
    and responsibility.
  • To promote inclusion through the multi-denominational principles of
    the school and to engender in children the knowledge and understanding
    of difference through fostering mutual respect, and an awareness and
    acceptance of diversity.
  • To promote equality on the basis of gender, sexual orientation,
    race, disability, ethnicity, religion, age and class by cultivating
    the principle of inclusion through the knowledge and understanding of
    the way people live in our world.
  • To enhance the children’s self-awareness and self-esteem through
    the child-centred development of their personal skills, their
    understanding of themselves, their sexuality and the situations they
    encounter through their lives. To enhance the children’s understanding
    and awareness of others and develop their ability to form
    relationships and manage group situations.

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