After school activities

Policy on Extra Curricular Activities

The operation of all after-school activities will be reviewed in the May of each year and permission for continuance in the following academic year will be subject to this review and availability of space. The BOM reserve the right to terminate this facility at any time with due notice of termination. This provision is subject to the following requirements being adhered to: 

General Guidelines

  • For health and safety reasons, parents/guardians of children attending afterschool clubs need to provide their up-to-date contact details.
  • Places for all out of school classes are filled on a first come first served basis.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that children go safely to out of school activities and are collected promptly from them. For all activities off the premises – such as football and swimming- children need to be accompanied by an adult to ensure that they cross roads safely etc. and are supervised by an adult throughout the activity.This arrangement should be formally organised as whoever is responsible for them arriving to the activity will be expected to take responsibility for your child should the activity be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (such as weather) or should a child become ill during the activity. 
  • All activities are designed for the full participation of boys and girls.
  • Please note that for activities that do not start until 3.10pm children must be collected as usual at 2.10pm (or 1.10pm JI and SI) and brought back to school for the activity. They should not remain on the premises – with the exception of 6th class Religious Instruction where a specific arrangement has been made with the school.
  • In cases where a parent is going to be late for collection from an afterschool activity, they should contact the afterschool provider to ensure that the provider supervises until collection.

Responsibilities of provider

  • The Schools Code of Positive Behaviour applies in all activities, and respect for the school ethos will be upheld at all times.
  • All providers must be garda vetted
  • Where providers are working for an organisation, that organisation must provide NDNSP with a Child Safeguarding Statement
  • Where a child is allowed to walk home/walk to car park, the provider should ensure that they have written confirmation of that fact from a parent.
  • Remain on premises until all children have been collected
  • If an activity is cancelled, the co-ordinator/afterschool provider will notify parents/guardians and make necessary arrangements for collection.
  • The classroom will be left clean and tidy after activity.
  • Call the roll at the beginning of each class; where a child is not in attendance, check with the office to confirm that said child is absent from school.
  • Ensure that you have a complete roll, together with contact details for parents of all children in the class prior to commencement

Responsibilities of Pupils

  1. Respect the rights of others to learn in a secure and happy atmosphere
  2. Co-operate with instructions given by teacher/supervisor
  3. Children are not allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied, between school and an activity. 
  4. Mobile phones should not be used until all activities are over.

All parents/guardians of children partaking in extra-curricular activities must sign the afterschool policy to state that they have read and accept the above rules and procedures. 

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