The Board of Management

The Board manages the school on behalf of the Patron. The principal is responsible for the day to day management of the school, including guidance and direction of the teachers and other staff of the school, and is accountable to the Board for that management.

The following outlines some of the responsibilities of the Board:

  • The Board has overall responsibility for school policies.
  • It is required to adopt a child-centred approach to all of its work.
  • It must have regard to the efficient use of resources
  • The Board of Management also has responsibility in the area of school planning and self evaluation – to ensure that the school plan sets out the educational philosophy of the school, its aims and how it proposes to achieve them. Pupil needs are at the center of all planning, and the focus of the school plan should be the teaching and learning that takes place in the school.

The Board of management of a primary school is appointed for a four year term. The term of office for new Boards of Management is from 1st December 2015 – 30th November 2019.

Board of Management members as of December 2015:

Joe Foley – Chairperson and Parent Rep
Jenny Doyle – Treasurer and PGTA/Parent Rep
Ruth Donald – Principal and Secretary to the Board
Leanne Ryan – Minutes secretary and Teacher Rep
Michael Clifford – Community Rep
Jan Power – Patron Nominee
Niamh De Rossa – Patron Nominee

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