School History

The NDNSP evolved from a wish by parents on Dublin’s Northside to send their children to a school in which children of both sexes, and of all religions and none would be educated together.

In 1982 the N.D.N.S.P. applied to the office of public works to use the model school building (which was about to become vacant) in Glasnevin as temporary premises for a school. In 1983 a five year lease was signed and approval given to carry out renovations on the building and site.

The school opened on 3rd September1984 with three teachers and 92 pupils. A fourth teacher was appointed in October 1984. Membership of the N.D.N.S.P. has continued to grow. In 1995, when this page was first written there were 246 children on the rolls with 11 teachers and one part time resource.

National school education was established in Ireland in 1830 as a system in which children of all religions were educated together. By 1873 denominational control of the schools was an established fact and continued to develop into the National School system as we know it today. In the 1840′s our original school building started out as a multi-denominational school. After that it became home to a special school. At other times our building housed a Scoil Lán-Ghaeilge (All Irish Language School), Sacred Heart School and Scoil Chiaran.

It came full circle and the school was once again a Multi Denominational School. Although the building was small and cramped it has a wonderful history that most schools would envy. We have always been very proud of our school.

On the 24th April 2002 we moved into our new school building. We were sad to leave our old school but I think everyone agreed as soon as they saw the new building that we now have a magnificent school!

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